Creative Direction & Design

Imagine you're holding a holographic photo of a yellow rose. Now, grab a pair of scissors and cut the rose into 1,000 pieces. WHY? All we will have is a mess. I know but do it. In that mess, each of those 1000 pieces contains the original rose. Those roses make it possible for us to see a one-dimensional rose in three dimensions.

Now, let's glue our yellow rose back together. (My son would comment at this point and inform me this is torcher.) But we now have our yellow rose back in holographic form. Now take the rose for a spin, you will see as you rotate the rose we see all of its beauty.

Design for me is like this yellow holographic rose. Each project comes with a unique story. You just have to be able to recognize the original story and then look at it from different perspectives to find a way to tell that story. Through stories, we can touch people's imagination and intrigue them visually to hopefully pick up the book and read, or sip on a cocktail and enjoy life or maybe light one up and fall into the music. :)

If this sounds fun hit me up and let's collaborate.